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What's TrendinG?

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Whether you love the content or want everyone to move on, there is no denying it...
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are everywhere. Their relationship has been trending for months on every social media outlet, which begs the question… why do we care so much?!

From the perspective of a therapist, let’s dig into it!


There is nothing a Swiftie loves more than a fellow Swiftie. The fact the relationship started with a friendship bracelet (IYKYK), and Travis attending Taylor’s show feeds into the following fantasy:
1) He pursued her.
2) Even masculine athletes love Taylor’s music (which is often rooted in feminist themes).


This creates a sense of validation for fans:
“See, everyone loves Taylor Swift!”
“I am not just a crazy fan, everyone feels this way!”


And, even better, it showcases a love story that aligns with Taylor’s lyrics:
“He came to her show as just a regular fan, it was destiny”


Status + Exposure + Fantasy

They BOTH perform weekly for the public.
They BOTH are at the peak of their careers, and still make time to attend each other’s events.


Fans are able to watch them support each other and cheer each other on. Most people desire a mutually supportive relationship, and theirs showcases just that.


Taylor’s Dating History:
The songs speak for themselves! There’s no denying that Taylor has endured a lot of heartbreak and has dated men who fans perceive as not being able to “handle” her success and spotlight.


Taylor and Travis’s relationship showcases support, PDA, and genuine joy that many fans have not seen before. In other words, her fans are happy for her and believe that she is in a healthy, supportive relationship!


A Sense of Connection
Football season and Taylor Swift attract diverse groups and all political orientations (something we can all agree on).
Fans of football can now connect with people in their life who may not have cared about football before, and vice versa… How many Taylor Swift fans have started asking their partners about Travis Kelce’s stats and shown interest in how the Chiefs’ season is going? While non-football-watching Swifties aren’t learning the rules of football overnight, they are probably showing more interest in the sport since it connects with their love for Taylor Swift. And it goes the other way too – non-Swiftie football fans are likely paying more attention to Taylor than ever before. Connection is one of our core needs, particularly when it is with someone where connection has been strained or shared interests aren’t as common (fathers and daughters, brothers and sisters).


Taylor Swift fans have about a 2% chance of securing a ticket master released ticket to the Era’s tour. (A heartbreaking stat – we know.) Most NFL fans will never attend a game due to cost and access to travel.


Social media gives people access they may not otherwise have to exclusive events! When we see Travis at a TS concert or Taylor at a Travis game – ahem, we mean a Chiefs game – it makes us feel like we’re not witnessing their relationship unfold, but also getting to experience their performances without the hefty price tags.


So… why do we care so much?

  • We want to see good news, particularly during times of global uncertainty.

  • They are breaking down gender and relationship stereotypes.

  • It is something most people can talk about without the conversation. becoming political or controversial.

  • We all desire love and a sense of connection and validation.

And, let’s face it – we love ‘LOVE’! Seeing two fan-favourites get together in a seemingly healthy and loving way just makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Taylor and Travis, please don’t break each others’ hearts… or OURS. There are millions of hearts on the line this time around, and I think we’re all hoping Travis is the one who takes “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” from a fantasy to a reality.

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