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Sweat Therapy

May 31+ JUNE 1: 6:00-8:30pm

Festival Hall 

1215 10 Ave SE, Inglewood  


What is Sweat Therapy?

In this two and half hour workshop, you will be provided education, guided gentle movement, meditation, breathwork and an opportunity for self-reflection and learning.  

We have secured two of the best instructors in the area of wellness, fitness, mental health and mind/body connection, to bring you an opportunity to take part in this elevated form of self-care. 

Expect two different sections of the workshop: First, a presentation on increasing our self awareness where you are welcome to write, journal or reflect throughout this section. The next section is a Rise Up fitness class led by Marlo Bruasse, ending with a somatic healing session guiding you to look inward and connect to your body. 

This is not group therapy and you will not be asked to share, disclose or talk with anyone else at this workshop. We know that this work can feel vulnerable and scary, so will be honouring your own private learning style. 

The Space


Festival Hall

The Team

amber brodziak

Amber Brodziak MSW RSW

Amber is the owner of Calgary Therapy Services as well as two other private practice clinics in Edmonton and Saskatoon. She has her Master’s in Social Work, and has been counselling individuals, couples and families for 17 years specializing in attachment, relationships, anxiety and family systems work. 


Amber also has been a group fitness instructor for 8 years in Calgary which included a nomination for Calgary’s Top Fitness Awards for a Barre Instructor in 2019.


“Sweat Therapy has been a project that is near to my heart where my worlds of therapy, wellness and fitness come together. I wanted to provide an elevated experience giving participants access to instructors with specialized and dedicated training and certifications in wellness”.


Amber brings passion, intensity, energy and a certain groundedness in the information she shares. Her teaching style is to challenge you, while encouraging you to move and learn at your own pace. Her goal is to help you focus on how things feel, rather than being fixated on results.

Marlo Brausse

Marlo Brausse 

Marlo Brausse is an AFLCA group fitness leader and has taught classes of varying modalities such as yoga, barre, boot camp, and HIIT since 2009.

For over a decade, Marlo owned and operated Barre Body Studio in Calgary, Alberta, where she specialized in barre fitness.

During the pandemic, Marlo and the BBS team created Barre Body Studio On Demand which grew to become a successful online fitness platform that she still operates today.

Marlo has recently completed Level 3 of Integrative Somatic Therapy Practice and shares this knowledge in the retreats, workshops, and classes she leads.

Marlo is the recipient of the Women of Inspiration and Top Fitness Instructor award, a two-time Women of Influence finalist, and an EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. 

Marlo is passionate about helping others to uncover the best version of themselves. She is an avid reader, runner, and mother of three children.

Event Outline

Welcome + Opening Message - 6:00pm

Presentor: Amber Brodziak MSW RSW

Education: How We Get Our Needs Met
In this presentation, Amber is going to provide education and information on various ways we consciously and unconsciously get our needs met. Many of us figure out how to do this in healthy and/or unhealthy ways, and Amber will take us through some of the patterns and reasonings for why we do what we do. We will learn about family patterns, roles we take on, and defensive and protective measures we engage in.

Bring a yoga mat, journal and something to write with, as well as comfy clothes to sit in as you learn and process. 

This will be a private learning opportunity, therefore there will be no request or pressure to discuss or share with others in the room. 

Instructor: Marlo Brausse

Movement: RISE UP Fitness Class
Education: Somatic Healing

Marlo will lead us through a 45 minute Rise Up fitness class followed by a guided somatic healing session. Rise Up is a 

unique class offering Marlo created and began teaching in 2017 that aims to bring awareness to our internal environment while we move through various exercises (squats, lunges, jumping jacks). This class supports all fitness levels, and plenty of modifications will be provided.

Marlo will end with a gentle somatic healing session by leading us through mindfulness and breath work exercises that support calming the body and opening the heart to create more joy, peace, self-compassion, and love.

Bring a yoga mat, clean indoor running shoes, and clothes and layers that you will comfortable moving in. A small blanket for comfort is optional.  


Goodbye + Giveaway

Is this group therapy? 

This is not group therapy, and you will not be asked to share, disclose, or discuss anything with any other community member during the event. This event is designed for you to work privately and autonomously in your own mind and body.

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