Saturday Oct 8: 12-3pm

The Village: Brentwood’s Lifestyle Event Centre


Mind. Movement. Connection. 


What is Sweat Therapy?

In this three-hour workshop, you will be exposed to different levels of movement which encompasses moving from minimal to increased activation yoga, Pilates and HIIT. You are encouraged to move at your own pace and take in what feels right for you. Each instructor will be also providing therapeutic education and theory on the mind,
body, mental health and wellness. We believe information is essential to elevated self-care. Each of the movement blocks will be approximately 30-40 minutes, with multiple modifications and breaks throughout.

The Space

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The Village: Brentwood’s Lifestyle Event Centre

4039 Brentwood RD NW (Free Parking)

The Team

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Emma Cook


Emma became a STOTT Pilates certified instructor in 2005, a Registered RespiratoryTherapist in 2010 and certified Barre instructor in 2013. She has taught private, semi-private and group fitness classes for over 17 years across multiple studios in Toronto and Calgary.


While specializing in using non-invasive ventilation to treat sleep disordered breathing during the day, she worked her way up from a barre instructor to master trainer, to the Director of Training of Alberta’s first Barre Studio. Emma currently owns and runs Moveology, a group fitness studio offering in-person barre, HIIT, strength,Pilates and yoga classes.


Emma brings energy, passion, and a deep understanding of body awareness to every class. Her teaching style focuses on explaining the technical merits of the practice in away that everybody can understand, while providing modifications for all fitness levels and making sure that classes are fun but challenging. Emma combines the mind-bodyconnection with her “music is my religion” mentality for an experience that is akin to a moving meditation in a nightclub.


Emma was nominated in 2019 as one of Impact Magazine’s Canada’s Top FitnessInstructors and was a finalist for Calgary’s Top Fitness Awards for a Barre Instructor the same year.


Marin McCue 


"I teach, inspire, and lead others back into a healthy and integrated relationship with their innate “heart-on” for life. I believe that when your breath and nervous system are regulated and flexible, you achieve new levels of physical and mental health and well-


In 2013, Marin stepped into her first 200-hour yoga teacher training and began teaching yoga, spin and bootcamps at various studios around Calgary. It became apparent that while Marin had become masterful in effort and discipline, it was the art of surrender and slowing down that she needed to learn how to embody. Marin ventured into completing certifications in a 300-hour yoga teacher training, Yoga Biomechanics, Yin, Yoga Nidra, Myofascial Yoga, Yoga Life Coaching, Sound Healing, PolyVagal and Internal Family Systems training, and Numa Somatics (breathwork, body work, non-ordinary states of consciousness, etc).


Marin also wrote and published a book about her journey towards mental health optimization, and started coaching others (dopeame.com).


“It has become my mission to normalize mental health struggles, teach others how to map out and befriend their nervous system, regulate themselves more efficiently, and lead experiences of embodied movement, breath and mindfulness to utilize the power of growing and healing together”.

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Amber Brodziak MSW RSW

Amber is the owner of Calgary Therapy Services as well as two other private practices in Edmonton and Saskatoon. She has her Master’s in Social Work, and has been counselling children, adolescents, and adults for 17 years specializing in attachment, relationships, anxiety and family systems work. 


Amber also has been a group barre and fitness instructor for 7 years in Calgary which included a nomination for Calgary’s Top Fitness Awards for a Barre Instructor in 2019.


“Sweat Therapy has been a project that is near to my heart where both of my worlds of therapy and fitness are coming together. I wanted to provide an elevated experience giving participants access to instructors with specialized and dedicated training and certifications in wellness”.


Amber brings passion, intensity, energy and a certain groundedness in the information she shares. Her teaching style is to challenge you, while encouraging you to move at your own pace. Her goal is to help you focus on how things feel, rather than being fixated on results.

Event Outline

Welcome + Opening Message: Amber

Instructor: Marin McCue

Education: Breathwork + Meditation
Movement: Yoga
Marin will take us through a series of breathwork, meditation and yoga. This movement break will help us focus on stillness, our breath, and the art of slowing down. (See Marin’s bio for her specializations and trainings).


Instructor: Emma Cook
Education: Anatomy + Meditation
Movement: Pilates
Emma will lead us in a Pilates directed class that focuses on meditation during movement. The class will be focused on strengthening our core, and low impact cardio to get us moving at a higher activation. (See Emma’s bio for her specializations and trainings).

Instructor: Amber Brodziak
Education: Emotional Regulation + Energy
Movement: HIIT
Amber will finish off the workshop with a high energy HIIT class. Do not get scared away from the word HIIT, as we will have another instructor moving through the entire class with low impact options. Amber will discuss how we manage different energy levels in related to depression, anxiety, and motivation. (See Amber’s bio for her specializations and trainings).

Goodbye + Giveaway: Amber

Is this group therapy? 

This is not typical group therapy, and you will not be asked to share, disclose, or discuss anything with any other community member during the event. This event is designed for you to work privately and autonomously in your own mind and body.