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MACP, Registered Provisional 


I believe individuals can create the change they desire once they have gained greater self-awareness. This insight provides them with the opportunity to better understand how their experiences have shaped their lives, impacted their perspectives and determined their actions, which are often influenced by stressors and challenges. I believe it is important to help explore an individual’s strengths, as this will empower them to work toward their personal goals for growth, to build their confidence and effectively cope.

I have adopted a humanistic perspective within my counselling approach by using a person-centered focus. I believe in taking a non-judgmental approach and building a positive therapeutic rapport to ensure the individual feels emotionally safe to explore their challenges. I am committed to assisting you on your journey to wellness and will support you within your best interests!

I am a Registered Provisional Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists and have been working with adults, youth and families in the addiction and mental health field since 2008. The areas that I specialize in are anxiety, depression, trauma, mind-body connection and addiction.



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